What is TBEY?

TBEY is an educational organization for the urban community where classes dedicated to the arts are taught to youth members who otherwise might have little or no opportunity to learn these skills because of location or cost. TBEY is a multi-programmed, youth serving agency designed to enhance the overall mission to promote the arts. TBEY has its own unique qualities and are committed to teach on an arts educated level.

TBEY will successfully offer opportunities to improve education and personal development. It will also offer the opportunity to build the urban community and personal capacity to all through positive reinforcement. TBEY will provide a place where the youth can gather and link with peers that have the same passion and interest in the arts. An important criterion for success will be the degree to which TBEY becomes an integral part and make a positive impact to all youth that are and will be a participant of TBEY.

TBEY will be a place where the youth call their own, express themselves through the arts, be creative and have fun at the same time.

What is TBEY’s mailing address?

2266 North Prospect Ave., Suite 325B
Milwaukee, WI 53202

What is TBEY’s EIN Number?

TBEY is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Our EIN is 02-0739623.

How can donations be made to TBEY?

We accept donations in a number of ways.


Make checks payable to TBEY and mail to:

2266 North Prospect Ave., Suite 325B
Milwaukee, WI 53202